School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages

Our Language Trainers are dedicated to equip you with the Communicative & Enabling skills skills that will ensure your seamless integration and application of the language in line with language proficiency & competency as per the common Qualification Frameworks globally CEF i.e. A1-A2[Basic], B1-B2[Independent], C1-C2[Proficient].
The Common European Framework of Reference for Language ( CEF 0r CEFR) provides accepted standard of ability or performance in language testing and has scales that describe a series of levels of language proficiency. . The department employs the latest technologies and delivery skill in training.

Program Details

The programmes are conducted In-Person/Physical or Virtual/On-line in the:

  • Day [8.00 am – 4 pm] Evening [5.30 pm- 7.30pm
  • Weekends [Sat. Only]

English | Kiswahili | French | German | Chinese | Italian | Spanish