GMAT Certification

Pursuing a graduate degree is a rewarding experience. The GMAT exam is an integral part of the whole process. We are here to wall with you all the steps, help you understand everything you need to know and do to take the GMAT exam.

Program Details

The d2i | GMAT Trainers understand too well what it means for you as a candidate for this test. We will take you through the Registration & Training that ensures you not only have a good testing experience but also meet the required benchmark Score! With over 250+ Candidate and counting, having taken this exam through us, you don’t need to worry. We will show you how.
The programmes are conducted In-Person/Physical or Virtual/On-line in the Day [8.00 am – 4 pm] Evening [5.30 pm- 7.30pm or Weekends [Sat. Only]