Research & Innovation

Research, Innovation & Development

d2i is keen to always explore innovative processes in our operations. Our Research, Innovation & Development team always ensure that we conduct very competitive, industry oriented courses in all our schools. Course delivery innovations and processes are continuously being audited in line with our R&D policy.
Rapid transformations and need for highly skilled manpower is evident in the world today. This must also reflect in our training programmes and d2i knows this too well. The changes can only mean one thing: we continuously adopt the changes as we pass them on to our students. We have remained innovative and so are our students.
In the recent years, we have revised our programs to ensure our students are competent enough to do any job or create their own. Projects, Business plans and Research are now part of the curriculum. Units like Research and Entrepreneurship are being taught early in the courses so that students grasp them as they advance in their learning. Through our talent ecosystem with our partners, innovation is always on the table.
Our certification programmes help us turn knowledge base that students have acquired in their academic very fast into specific skillsets are in demand for employability. They readily become, not only Innovators for the industry but also job creators and Entrepreneurs.